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Bernie Ecclestone

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After one week of tenseness, the organizers of the Great Prize of Bahrin of formula 1 have decided to resign to the race that the Federation the International of the Automobile (IT TRUSTS) the past relocated Friday for the 30 of October, and that consequently had displaced to the 11 of December the appointment in India. This position put military still on to the equipment, that considered a chifladura to finish the course so behind schedule. You may find Smart Sites to be a useful source of information. Before that attitude and after the distancing of Bernie Ecclestone, great landlord of the F1, that proposed to realise another voting with escuderas, the president of the circuit of Bahrin, Zayed R Alzayani, has showed that she does not have much sense to organize an event against the will of his main protagonists, so that she gives the test by lost.. .


Euros Chelsea

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Juan Bush entered minute 67 and sentenced the party with zurdazo closed. Fernando Towers did not shine and was replaced; Drogba retired in injured stretcher. Everything on the Chelsea – Norwich City (3-1). Juan Bush carried out a happy debut with the Chelsea, author of third as much of his equipment with which sentenced its triumph before the Norwich City (3-1), in 24 minutes of game in which he left samples of his quality. With the 10 to the back Bush in minute 67 made debut, with tie to one in the marker, when entering by the French Florent Malouda.

It was in minute 101 of the party when Bush was useful happens of dnsa rival, to mark with zurdazo flat cruzado and to untie madness in Stamford Bridge. Before it left good actions in left band, connected well first with Fernando Towers and it was always associated with Frank Lampard. Bush made debut only three days after getting up itself to the rows of the Chelsea, after the crossing of the Valencia in exchange for 28 million Euros. Undergone other victory was not reliable, nevertheless, the victory of the picture of the Portuguese Andre Town-Boa, without ideas as soon as the Norwich, by means of Grant Holt, at the time of party, tied the initial one of Jose Bosingwa to the six minutes as much. To nine minutes of the end the party was shaken.

Penalti committed by the goal John Ruddy on the Brazilian Ramires, that supposed the expulsion of the doorman, was transformed by Lampard. That calmed to the Chelsea, already with Bush in the field, that left instead of the French Florent Malouda in the 67. Two later retired, in stretcher and with a mask, the native from Ivory Coast Didier Drogba, who suffers one serious injury in the neck. Bush exploded in the end. In the time addition. The area robbed a ball on the brink of madness and crossed the ball to seal the triumph that located like leader to the Chelsea. Source of the news: Happy debut of Juan Bush in the victory of the Chelsea (3-1).



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That term was 20 months in the first proposals of Work. If there is no agreement, the parts will have to be put under an arbitration. To thus it contemplates to the real decree law it that regulates the reform of the collective negotiation approved east Friday by the Cabinet. The real decree law that has approved east Friday the Government to regulate the reform of the collective negotiation reduces the maximum term to renew an agreement to a bracket among 8 and 14 months, against the 12 and 18 months that the Secretary of Labor had raised, Valeriano Go’mez. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Jim Hackett by clicking through. To the first rough draft that the Ministry of Work sent to Ceoe, CC.OO. oughout. and the UGT it determined that maximum term in 20 months before being put under a mediation mechanism, including the binding arbitration, top that Thursday Go’mez to between 12 and 18 months reduced after to have reunited with the unions to explain their proposal to them of reform.

The term of 8 months to renew it will be for the agreements whose duration is of two years, whereas the top of 14 months will be applied to the agreements whose use is greater of two years, the press conference explained Valeriano Gmezen subsequent to the Cabinet. A related site: Cindy Crawford mentions similar findings. &quot pays attention new; dinmica" of negotiation, since the term is reduced of present the 6 months to 3 to denounce an agreement. In addition, the maximum time settles down in a month to constitute the negotiating commission of the new agreement. With these measures which is avoided it is that the ultraactivity is lost (the automatic renovation of an agreement expired before the lack in agreement to renew it), needed Go’mez, who added that there is to avoid that the negotiation left from " cero" and it would suppose a loss of rights for the workers. Once exhausted those two terms it is when the process of mediation or arbitration enters in force, said Go’mez, that it remembered as thanks to that system the conflict of the air controllers were solved. .


Great Prize Of Belgium

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The Asturian one only managed to be eighth in the classification of the Great Prize of Belgium. It announces that it will make a race to the attack to be with the best ones in Spa. The Spanish pilot delay not to have scares in the exit, " there are pilots who are not customary to leave so ahead, we hope that they are not touched demasiado". The Spanish Fernando Alonso (Ferrari), double world-wide champion of Formula 1, declared east Saturday, in Spa-Francorchamps, where he will leave eighth in the Great Prize Belgium explained that in the race &quot will try; to overcome and to be with the best ones fighting by podio". Celebrity trainer has similar goals. Alonso subsequent to explained in the press conference the timed session that designed the grill for the race that will try " to fight by podio" in one " race to the attack " " If everything leaves normal, we will try to overcome and to be with the best ones fighting by podio.

We will try to make a race to ataque" , the double Asturian, winning world-wide champion commented of 27 Great Prizes in the category reigns of the motor. Alonso, that commented that the Mexican Sergio Perez (Sauber) restrained to him in his attempt to improve the time, admitted that his classification " he has not been buena" , since although the traffic prevented him to be more ahead, it would not have obtained ' pole' perhaps although it would have been between first " four or cinco". " The exit will be complicated because there are pilots who are not customary to leave so ahead in the grill, reason why we hope that they are not touched too much and pruned to advance to them in first curvas" , it finalized. Source of the news: Alonso: " We will try to overcome and to make a race to ataque"


Initial Professional Qualification

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They are the first changes in the Educative Statutory law of 2006. The students who do not finish THAT will obtain a certificate of Basic Competitions. The Cabinet has approved today the Real Decrees that modify the fourth course of the Obligatory Secondary Education and the new arrangement of the Professional Formation, both driven by minister of Education Angel Gabilondo. The reform of THAT tries to deepen in the character adviser of the fourth course being established three routes different for the students and reforming the Programs from Initial Professional Qualification. The new FP looks for to make flexible and to extend the supply of studies to adapt them with more facility to the demands of the socioeconomic surroundings. The educative Administrations that wish them to it will be able to put already in practice in the next educative calendar, but of they will be forced fulfillment in course 2012-2013. Both, including in the Law of sustainable Economy, are the first reforms of the Educative Statutory law of 2006. New 4 of THAT three new matters will be introduced: Feeding, nutrition and health; Sciences applied to the professional activity and professional Direction and enterprising initiative.

All the students will have to attend a series of matters common and to choose the three matters of one of the options or two matters of an option and one third of the common ones. In the itineraries, one goes more centering to the artistic thing and Plastic and Visual letter-Education, Latin, Music, another one towards science-Biology and Geologa, Physics and Chemistry, Technology and a third party would direct towards FP-Feeding, Nutrition and Health, Sciences Applied to the Professional Activity, and Technology. The access to the programs to Initial Professional Qualification will reform in addition, before calls Social Guarantee. They will go ahead a course, so that the students can enter them the 15 years and not the 16, like until now. This caused that the students in their majority repeated like minimum a course before acceding. They will last of two years and they will allow to enter a FP of average degree. Another newness is that the students who finalize THAT without obtaining the Graduated one will receive a called official certificate of Basic Competitions.

This will allow them, in case of returning to the studies, not having to repeat the subjects that approved in their previous attempt. The Professional Formation With the reform, the modules of Initial Professional Qualification, the specialization courseses of the formative cycles will be included in this type of education to complete the FP and the programs for young people majors of 17 years that left the studies prematurely. In addition the possibilities will be extended to accede both at FP levels. For means, the access possibility is gotten up after the Programs of Initial Professional Qualification and bridge will be able to be happened through a course from the FP of Average degree to the one of Superior. Until now, they had to be registered first in Baccalaureate or to test of access.