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Carefree-current With New Website Content

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Interesting added value not only for customers in Munich, September 10, 2009 the Energy2day GmbH has content largely revised their product brand SorglosStrom’s Internet presence. It aimed to create added value in addition to the extensive shop for customers and prospective customers. “So, the new section was added in the last few days” created, in which SorglosStrom useful information around the topic energy “communicates. A website is not only a business card of a company, but also a medium with which you can transport much more content than companies in the Web 2.0 era in addition to product presentations at the present time”Managing Director Bernhard reveals vine in an interview. To use this way of communication, we have decided, to provide visitors to our website from now more content: it does not involves first and foremost a consultation for a switch from another provider to SorglosStrom, but interesting information and facts about the topic Power”. In energy saving, there are so many technical terms and features, you should know, and this is where we wanted to offer the customer added value. “As customer service goes beyond our product consulting.” A look at free shows that the alternative power supplier has built three areas in its new value-added category: all questions are answered in the FAQ, that change with your current provider a role play: If technical changes are necessary when changing, whether the previous supplier must be a termination or what to note when moving explains, for example,.

The current glossary ensures, that describes all terms from the current range of customer-friendly. d properly. These include for example, terms such as work price, base price, CEE standard or even renewable energy. Also, SorglosStrom here has compiled a very useful list of countries where the euro plug works and it does not require travel adapter as German holidaymakers. Before the holiday so always look so there’s no nasty surprises. The power saving tips SorglosStrom on a good day, shows where and how the whole day very carefree can be kept current.

For example in the early in the buns bake, at work, during cooking or when buying a new appliance. In addition can be found on the website of SorglosStrom”a new area with the name offer customers, which are existing customers interesting bonuses can save through recommendations. Managing Director Bernhard Ranke concluded: It was not all still long. We have some plans that we will gradually realize. It is worth so often to visit carefree” The direct link to the new value added section:…



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Wireless home automation eliminates standby problem and offers more efficient power-saving measures of Breckerfeld, December 15, 2008 for the coming year many power suppliers increase their prices. Consumers therefore seek ways that they actively reduce their energy consumption, since this increases rapidly especially in the winter. The manufacturer offers an efficient and progressive approach duwi: energy consumption without sacrificing any comfort adjusted with the duwi Z-Wave wireless system up to the actual needs of the residents. The home control solution allows automatic and demand-oriented control of lighting, heating systems, so that only consumes energy, where it is actually needed. In addition, it is possible to turn off the juice secret power guzzlers in stand by mode with little effort using the system. The duwi Z-Wave wireless system is a simple and fast solution to modernize the electrical installations of a budget free from dust and dirt.

Due to the installation of Lighting, heating, blinds or multimedia devices can be controlled conveniently networked wireless switches and adapters by button, remote control, PC or PDA and Smartphones. Because the system is completely without cable, it can be install quickly and rebuild, for example, during a procession, and at a different location. The energy needs of a household greatly increases energy savings without sacrificing any comfort in the cold season. The duwi Z-Wave wireless system creates a series of possibilities, with which consumers can actively save energy. For each device that is embedded in the radio network there are lamps, heaters or blinds can be set for example uptime where it is enabled or disabled. Examples: automatic closing shutters prevent heat loss, button all lights can be or other consumers clear, and a Z-Wave-controlled heating system reduced at night, or in the absence of the residents automatically the room temperature. On the actual Needs of residents adapted control saves electricity and heat and leads to a responsible use of valuable energy resources, which are also financially beneficial.


Verbaucher Food

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Green energy as a cost-effective alternative for Verbaucher W? while more and more consumers f? r to switch from traditionally generated electricity? food Rome decide many of electricity through renewable energy sources are still critically against? ber. To the prejudice, which is the? food Rome h? often must make go? ren, among other things, that? food Rome more expensive than traditionally generated electricity, G? tesiegel more the providers serve as consumers and that the term “? ko” party h? is often abused to consumers to t? twits. This criticism is however not justified. Food Rome as cost? special alternative W? while many consumers of think are, that a transition to? food Rome party is connected with an increase in costs, this is usually not the case. On the contrary, in most regions is? food Rome these days even cheaper than conventional electricity, which is offered by local providers of Basic.

Provider benefit more from G? tesiegeln as a consumer H? G is often? tesiegeln f? r? food Rome accused, that they not really information? ber the quality? t of the? type food Rome, but by? food novel bidders be used as marketing tools. W? during this tats? mainly in which, one way or another label may be the case, is it not the rule. The four g? ngisten label are the ok-power label, the GR? ner power label, various TuV certificates and so-called RECS certificates. According to the Stiftung Warentest is as a consumer on the ok-power label and the GR? a current label left, since both guarantee that the power actually? actually was obtained from renewable energy sources. TuV certificates and RECS certificates you should however rather critical against? bursting marriages. A TuV Seal sometimes merely certifies that a provider a promised price guarantee einh? lt and accordingly in this case does not tell? about the power source. RECS certificates are severely criticized, because they allow providers, the name “? food Rome” by a real? to buy food Rome provider in the form of certificates.

This means that nuclear power or coal-based electricity only to? food Rome to tagged. Misuse of the term “? ko” Food novel bidders are often confronted with the prejudice that it the term “? ko” abuse to h? here prices require k? can or to attract new customers. W? while among? food novel bidders certainly black sheep are, what their electricity from fossil Energietr? as? spend cooking ROM, or natural energy (for example, using the above RECS certificates), this is by far not the rule. Many consumers have this prejudice, since they are of the opinion, that? food novel bidder 100%? food Rome in their Sockets provide m? ssen. A switching means only, that a? food novel bidders committed so much? to feed food Rome into the power grid, as is consumed by the consumer. The composition of the entire power grid is so something “gr? ner”, and ver? only minimally changed the composition of the own socket.