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Dealing With Anxiety

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That is to say, Paola learned to handle to its anxiety, and the mechanism of its thought, to tranquilize, the exercises to modify and to eliminate the rituals and essentially to realize that the masterful key was in which if it leaned in the knowledge tranquillity that is an acquired learning that is for using it, when wanting some of thoughts TOC to be placed again in activity, she with the tranquillity which it had acquired, with the knowledge of handling of that acquired learning will not react with desperation, pain or the sensation of which its thought is an organization handles that it, but quite the opposite, now has plenary session control and knows that its thought is handled by her, and that way applies every time in every day of its life the exercises of relaxation, breathing, psicoimaginacin, desensitization, and many other exercises that were learning during the psychological therapy who has allowed him to connect itself with their body, with his emotion, with the different activities that it develops, with its affection, their dreams and desires: because when coming to treatment all this was forbidden to him, because the automatic device of their obsessive thoughts, the automatization, obsession and rituals that these demanded occupied all the hours to him of the day and its life in completud. He was really laborious for me to see how all hours, all days, all their young and total life were occupied literally was taken by its TOC . Because what characterizes to this one upheaval of anxiety it is that by the way in which as much pronounces in the person, in its thoughts as in the compulsions and rituals all their life is affected so much in its routine life, its social life, its work, its study, the interrelations etc. In my clinical experience I have not noticed differences as far as number in the different sorts, because I have received and receipt as much to men as to women.


Economic Interests

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It would not be the first time in history: vague, destroying forests, unable to predict, are bent on subsistence farming, do not know how to plan, or exported, nor industrialize properly. In this “staging” supply chains that belong to the giant Wal Mart and Costco decided to restrict the sale of rice clients on all restaurants and shops. With this absurd measure in the richest country in the stock prices in Chicago reached about 3% up to break the psychological barrier of $ 25 every 45 kilos. In Thailand the increase was 5%, and rice reached a record price: $ 1,000 per tonne. Brazil suspended exports, rather, the big companies that affect the speculation by hoarding, withholding or launching mass to destabilize prices. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Luiz Ildefonso Simões Lopes. The food program director of the UN, J.

Sheeran said food aid provided by them costs 40% more than the past, because almost all products are expensive. As alluded reasons for this new power needs in China and India, biofuels and the price of oil. The large volume of investments in commodity markets contribute to higher prices in the bags. But hunger is not inevitable, not a destination, nor a matter of chance. Is not the purpose of the millions of hungry people, nor is it a coincidence that 97% of them live in poor countries.

It has been recognized by independent bodies such as Action Against Hunger, the problem has a solution with activities related to nutrition, health, food security, water and sanitation. Violence is the tool that have the power to exercise power over property, wealth and population control. The civilian population becomes hostage to the economic interests and power of these armed groups, be they rebels, paramilitaries or government. Sometimes still think that hunger is the result of overpopulation, a political mismanagement, shortage of food, inadequate infrastructure or ecological disaster. Today, hunger is a weapon used by some governments to eliminate troublesome population groups within their own country, writes Marilo Hidalgo, in Fusion. Hunger have become a weapon of war who have made the benefit economic and financial arrogance axis and object of their actions. As if the world was a carpet in which humans play no more than paper data are moved or removed according to the sacrosanct laws of a market that only serves their interests.


Being Healthy

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Larissa Vilanova ' ' I am teeny But already I know to choose good foods to live well. To have health I want to eat Meat, fish and eggs and milk beber' '. (Music of the Machadinha) the question of foods in the family law always was very argued, for involving, many interests, beyond the interests of the children, as already we know. It had a very great evolution, in the direction of if to recognize that, independently of the formed union, the right to foods is the same, a time that, is characterized for having a character of urgency and necessity. Moreover, the foods do not have only the children, to the step who also can be granted for former convivente that he will not have conditions of if supporting economically, beyond the ascendants and descendants, what he represents an innovation in the native right. Therefore, they must, wants have foods origin in the blood relation, it wants are consequent in the disruption of the marriage or the convivncia. It is what it makes use the caption Can the relatives, the spouses or friends to ask for the one to the others foods of that they need to live in compatible way with its social condition, also to take care of to the necessities of its education. ‘ ‘ Art. 1,695 must the foods when it intends who them does not have enough goods, nor can provide, for its work, to the proper maintenance, and that one, of who if complains, can supply them, without desfalcation of necessary to its sustento.’ ‘ Important to mention that exists; ‘ to have of alimentar’ ‘ ‘ ‘ obligation of alimentar’ ‘ falling of trees by means of tests. The movement of constitucionalizao of the Civil Code, in what it refers to foods, placed in evidence some principles that are considered ' ' pilares' ' of the relations involve that them.