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Perfume – a heady breath of luxury to which we ourselves a ball, and a kind of communication tool, because with it we tell others about their health. Of course, this statement is true only when you have to each case there is a suitable aroma. For example, suitable for official receptions, "elegant" flavor. It will be seen by everyone, without irritating anyone. Erotic fragrance will not irritate your loved one. Romantic fragrances are for rest.

A refreshing fine for each day. Spirits can sometimes be confusing. If you find that the scent of your perfume varies throughout the day, it is quite a scientific basis: a variety of essences, present in the perfume evaporate at the same time not. Some of them show their fragrance immediately, others it takes time. What you feel in the first minutes, only the original perfume. (A valuable related resource: Tom Florio).

Immediately after application they are showing their beauty, as if trying to attract attention and awaken someone's interest. Duration of evaporation of perfume – from four to twelve hours, so they say that the main flavors are the nature spirits. The final colors are developing at least, they spread the scent that comes from a long time of your clothes. Eau de cologne "arranged" differently. It set the tone for fresh, volatile flavor nuances, they are less saturated. Perfumes contain approximately 35% of the aromatic concentrate and cologne only 3% to 8%. Along with the perfume and cologne is very popular perfume. In some cases it has almost the same concentration as the spirits of others – more like a cologne.


Girls and Beauty Products

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All the girls sooner or later come to understand that they grow up. Once they were absolutely still, that they dressed, their hair arranged like and whether there is color in his cheeks. But there comes a time when they increasingly want to hairdryer, nose powdered, and painted without eyes, and can not go outside. Moms are not always happy about this turn of events. They believe that her little daughter is too early to use cosmetics. In some extent this is correct! Not all products brings only benefits, especially the young flowering girl.

But there is also a good makeup that can work only improve your skin. It often happens that a girl coming out of adolescence and continues to suffer problems such as acne, dryness or excessive oiliness of the skin. Now mom and realize that their 20-year-old "baby" is needed not only kindness and caring, but also help cosmetics. Today there is a universal beauty products to eliminate the teen and the set of "adult" problems – the Israeli cosmetics DeSheli. Products are suitable even for people with sensitive skin. Useful substances cosmetics production plant Hlavin penetrate the deepest layers of the skin and normalize natural processes.

This unique product recognizes the deficiencies and acts only where it is required. Speaking about the problems young people can distinguish the following products from the company DeSheli series Crystal youth pro age for young people 20 to 35 years. It will save you both from the newly formed pimples and inflammation from healed, but if your skin is not enough Nutrition and hydration, cosmetics regulate fluid and electrolyte balance, if your skin is too intense sebum, the funds will face a matte, but if you frequently suffers irritation and peeling, cosmetics and save you from that.