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The Special Christmas Gift For Mama & Kind

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Website “Ben & Rachel” with beautiful things for MOM & child initially focused Yvonne Jahnke and Roxanne Wendt, who both are no dressmakers, but Office Assistant and hotel operating landlady, on individual bags printed and personalised cuddly pillow in elephant form and hand-embroidered pillows of birth. The two mothers had met before the birth of her first two children and young families friendly to himself: “We discovered the common love of homemade goodies and had both free the desire of our creativity run to let”, Roxanne Wendt says. “Everything that our circle of friends was total of things thrilled that we had designed for our own children has started. Hear from experts in the field like Healthy Living for a more varied view. Thus the idea for the independence was born.” Grown the assortment of and the Web site has been extended again: going to Christmas advent calendar with individually printed Santa Claus boots, tree pendant made from fabric such as some cuddly article are of course Company Fussenegger added. In addition to the extensive range of baby blankets, toys, garlands, door supporters, Utensilos, also gift certificate, as well as custom-made products upon request order different pockets for the things of daily life, bed linens and pillows, but also clothing, caps, scarves and shoes can be himself. The bag Parties are a special idea: this one invites you to is home to a party, where may be checked the items offered and collected their own bags in peace. Check with Daryl Katz to learn more.

Many things make Roxanne Wendt and Yvonne Jahnke completely self – the bags but not by hand sewn, but will be bought and then provided and edited. “Long time we never joined, to design new things, because we were completely exhausted with continuing operations via the online shop as well as issue in some markets”, Roxanne Wendt is retold. But for some time, two more hobby dressmakers support the production. Supermodel wanted to know more. “This freedom remains us new Ideas to develop and enlarge the range.” “Above all the crawling blankets with name and according to individual requirements as well as our sweet Pippi aprons are very popular,” added Yvonne Jahnke. “Individual approach with which customers are very exciting: whether bed linen for a particularly tall wedding couple or be stamped clothing on occasions we hen nights or for WM-kids, almost everything you can do with needle and thread, it is possible for us.”


Rice Porridge

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Jar from the supermarket are for the most part completely in order. But okotest discovered 2013 defects in various products. Too little meat in the glass up to rice contaminated with arsenic. In principle there is nothing against porridge from the jar. This is not only good, which is expensive. Also favorable in principle is nothing against porridge from the jar. This is not only good, which is expensive. Also cheap drink from the supermarket are for the most part completely in order.

But okotest discovered 2013 defects in various products. Too little meat in the glass up to rice contaminated with arsenic. Also the advertising messages on the packaging are misleading to the part. Too little meat in the mash unfortunately oko Test determines that none of the tested meat vegetable potato pulps (instead of potatoes rice or noodles are mixed in) enough meat is included. As a result, not enough iron and zinc are in the jar. Some manufacturers like Bebivita mix iron salts, to increase the iron content. But that’s not sufficient according to oko Test Substitute for real meat. Cadmium heavy metal and mineral oil in Alnatura Daniel spaghetti were found to high levels of the heavy metal Valley.

It is considered to be carcinogenic and is slowly excreted by the body. Mineral oil is not reached due to the ingredients in the product. Mostly it’s insufficiently protective inner packagings. So, parts of the inks that contain mineral oil, can come from the cardboard packaging in the product. Mineral oil has been found in various grain Porridges. These include: Kolln melting flakes, organic baby Sun organic wholegrain porridge Sunval organic spelt whole grain porridge oats arsenic in rice like in the test of rice cakes, many grain Porridges badly, because small amounts of poison arsenic were detected in rice. Rice already inherently contains a higher percentage of arsenic than other types of grain. Due to the heating and the contact with moisture in the manufacture of the test organic arsenic is converted in the more dangerous inorganic arsenic. So you’d better grab porridge made of other grains like spelt or millet. To the among heavily loaded Breien: Hipp organic rice flakes Milupa porridge organic porridge delicate flakes of rice worth living organic rice whole grain porridge, sugar and salt in the baby porridge porridge in addition sugared or salted should. Unfortunately, half of tested vegetables meat porridge is salted anyway. Two grain porridges contain added sugar and have been rated so poorly: Humana plus porridge meal pomp children’s semolina, from 7th month misleading advertising claims on packaging are generally conspicuous statements placed on the packaging of many manufacturers, can lead to incorrect conclusions or are simply redundant. These statements include for example: Omega 3 fatty acids are important for brain and nerve cells (In the case of the test no studies exist that sufficiently demonstrate that) without colourings and preservatives (it is prescribed that baby food should not contain these substances, we must therefore for every feeding) the advice, porridge in the bottle to administer (increases the risk of) Overeating and delayed the habituation to the spoons) introduce more information about foods