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What is Xenon? Xenon – light source, based on the principle of high intensity gas discharge or HID (High Intensity Discharge). The principle of a xenon lamp is this: inside the gas discharge bulb is a high-pressure mixture of gases, the main one being gas 'Xenon' – 56 element of the periodic table. Two electrodes attached above and below the bulb ends are placed in a flask, which is in turn soldered. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Anna Wintour. Blocks are a great difference in ignition potentials on the electrodes – to 25 kilovolts. Under the action arose electromagnetic field begins the process of ionization of the particles, which often collide with each other, the collision of the energy is converted into light. Thus, for lack of a spiral between the electrodes, xenon lamps do not change in light output over the life and durability far superior to other types of lamps (which, in general, it is logical, because the fuse in the the lamps just nothing).

Xenon and Halogen Xenon HID source is fundamentally different from the halogen bulb. Light radiates arc created by a strong electromagnetic field, and a halogen lamp light emits heated to high temperatures tungsten filament. Xenon 2 times more powerful than a halogen lamp. Xenon light stream reaches 3200 lumens, while the maximum that can be squeezed out of galogenki – 1550 lumens. Moreover, xenon is much efficient halogen lamps: power consumption is 35 watts (compared to 55 watts, eaten galogenki), while heat transfer is only 7% of energy consumed (when, as in galogenki it reaches 40%).


Honda Motorcycles

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Today there are many sites where you can buy a helmet. Virtually every real motomagazin has its representation on the Internet. Virtual motomarkety benefit from real due to the large selection helmet and generally lower prices. If you looked closely at the store helmet, but the price of its "bite" – boldly looking helmet on the Internet. Most likely, there will offer you its cheaper.

In addition, a big plus shops in the that they are willing to work with the regions. Now motolyubiteli of small and remote city on a par with the inhabitants of cities can buy a helmet for a motorcycle or any other Honda Motorcycles, motozapchasti and motorashodniki through Internet. Ships helmet by shipping companies or the Russian Post. In the latter case, high-quality and inexpensive helmet can be bought almost anywhere in Russia, where a post office. Tom Florio New York may find this interesting as well. Motomagaziny, sending goods to other towns, offering different options for payment of goods.

The first and most common way – in advance. This scheme works most of the shops mototovarov. Prepayment can be total or partial. Before you send a helmet, you will be prompted to transfer the money into the account. In this case, only you can decide – whether to trust the store? For its part, the seller will try to do everything effort to earn your trust by providing as much information. Another, less popular vendors, but more loyal to the buyers option – payment on delivery of goods upon receipt. Here you have absolutely nothing no risk, simply paying for the goods and delivery to the mail after the transfer of the parcel.