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Flotation Machine

by HFCadmin ·

In the flotation process, the users should make preparation for the flotation equipmentand flotation process according to the demand for mineral processing operations, which includes the commissioning and load operation. The following is the detailed analysis of the industrial needs of the two operations of flotation machine based on the actual production experience. Before the start of flotation machine, the operator shouls check the bolts and make sure that they are not loose, find out whether the locking nut of the impeller is reliable or not and ensure that the V-belt and the rotation of the impeller wheel are flexible and smooth. It is necessary to check the lubrication parts to make sure that there is no leakage. For more information see this site: Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. In addition, the ore fluid circulation should not bue blocked and no leakage. The liquid level regulating mechanism should be flexible and reliable.

The engine facilities are complete, flexible and reliable. The exposed rotating parts are equipped with the solid and reliable shield.The commissioning of the flotation machine: After the final assembly of the flotation machine, pouring into the fresh water to conduct the test, which should be running kept for two hours at least. In the process of the commissioning, it should be guaranteed that the operation of flotation machine should be smooth and flexible, no noise, no collision, no vibration and there is no leakage in the lubricating parts. Moreover, the cell body is watertight and the bearing temperature should not be greater than 30 degrees, the maximum temperature does not exceed 60 degrees.Load operation of the flotation machine: load test should be carried out after the normal operation of the test without load. In the load operation, it is required that the foam scraper works normally, rotation is smooth, rotation of the impeller is smooth, flexible and reliable, the pulp should not outflow from the receptacle trough, the gate and the trough and the bearing temperature should not be higher than 35 degrees, the highest temperature does not exceed 65 degrees. mechanical feeder: dryer drum: