Sunflower Oil

by HFCadmin ·

We are all used to the fact that vegetable oil is used in households everywhere. it is added to many dishes, it serves as a basis for cooking. But do you know how it is produced? First Seeds are cleaned from the skin, then they are subjected to pressure the press, thus, from seeds extracted all the oil, this method of production is called the first cold pressing. It is this way is preferable to production of quality oil, but it has several drawbacks: high cost and large amount of waste. In fact, even an expensive butter first extraction may not actually be such, because the producers cared primarily about profits, so the remainder is produced from every last drop, but the press for it no longer fits. In this case, using special chemicals – solvents fat. Using them is dissolved, all remaining seeds Oil and displays it as a solution, then the process of evaporating the solvent and, accordingly, to obtain purified oil. It may seem that this is not entirely harmless and does not correspond ideas about healthy living, but it is not because the result is a fairly high-quality and natural oil. Another thing the whitening process, deodorization and refining of oil, these processes are accompanied by high-temperature processing of oil, which not only reduces its useful properties, but also makes the product hazardous to health. Be sure to read the labels.


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