Summer Open Air In The Landhaus Luckas In Muncheberg

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Keimzeit acoustic Quintet playing the summer open-air – concert in the Philippines yard in Muncheberg. Tickets there for 22 euros in advance under summer open air – concert in the Philippines Court country house Luckas/Muncheberg, Philippines Court 7 date: Saturday, July 27, 2913, from 19: 00 tickets: 22 euro 2013 is MIDTSOMMER – at least in the germination time acoustic QUINTET. Founded four years ago with most performances on the theatre stage and invitation events – so briefly described history. In addition to the songwriter and singer Leisegang is here, from Wismar, violinist Gabriele Kienast in the foreground. The repertoire includes interpretations from the fundus of germination time, international movie soundtracks such as “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” or “in the mood for love”, a dash of French and instrumental pieces of his own.

Hartmut Shanthi gear provides the rhythmic base on double bass, he is supported by Christian Schwechheimer on percussion instruments. Both give the safe framework for acoustic soloists Worlds that are both sensitive and intense. With the release of the album MIDTSOMMER, guitarist and singer Martin Weigel is permanent band member. So they are a quintet on the stage and can give free rein to their ambitions. With their acoustic tour Keimzeit want to present a page their music, which so far not demonstrated it with the full band, but no matter what we do, it will end up always Keimzeit”, says Norbert Shanthi gear (Potsdamer neueste Nachrichten, 24.01.2013).

Keimzeit acoustic Quintet playing the summer open-air – concert in the Philippines yard in Muncheberg. To know more about this subject visit Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta. There are tickets for 22 euros in advance under the Pilgrim hostel at Landhaus of Luckas is already open on that day from 16: 00 – here is the current exhibition “Lava heart” and “cycle no. II” installed and opened the video poetry by Sylvia Gunther. The lava cardiac cycle was created during the editing phase of the book LAVA heart (poems & photography) in June 2010 on Lanzarote. The artist photographed motifs there due to their lyrical images, without illustrating their texts here. Rock formations, lava stones, plants, water, and their interaction are abstract images, structure and shape, reflecting a quasi placeless reality. Proportions are lifted, colors disappear in monochrome photography, the fabric of nature such as sculptures appear. The cycle consists of photographs, which were recorded from July 2010 to January 2011 during the travel through North and South Europe and are part of the new book in the editing (title still a secret) No. II. Water as a motive – in different States of matter – in the South and North in the summer and winter, visible veins of life. Tombs and tunnels of common European history are hidden. Contact: Landhaus of Luckas Philippines Court 7 15374 Muncheberg watch? v = 6z3wG0uIQ68 & feature = share & list = UUp4T4 5vqWbkGUTvS8R5xvg watch? v = Y0WGf-jiM4Q & feature = share & list = UUp4T4 5vqWbkGUTvS8R5xvg


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