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Santa Claus brings his small gifts each year on December 6. The bluerilla presents the user from Osnabruck, Germany already a month earlier with free pizza by Joey p. Osnabruck, November 08, 2010: For the evening of the 6th of November the stayblue community network for the users in its core region had come up with something special Osnabruck. All stayblue users who ordered this evening between 18:00 and 20:00 pizza at Joey’s, had the chance a free meal. To do this they had to simply for online ordering in the field features”enter your community name. With a bit of luck, the bluerilla, the mascot of the stayblue community network, the desire pizza personally delivered.

In addition to shaking hands and camera smile, there was the pizza free. Fear no one had before the unusual pizza suppliers. In contrast to the Nicholas blue, fluffy monkey had no tail. But also the stayblue users, where the normal pizza courier delivered the food, were not completely empty. Although, you had to their pizza even pay, for it gave them stayblue as a consolation prize”for a year a premium account in the OScommunity of the stayblue community for the region of Osnabruck. The action is a successful example for how effectively and users can close brands can advertise in social networks with a regional presence. The partner Joey’s Pizza brought this marketing idea in addition to customer loyalty also increased order traffic by over 50% between 18:00 and 20:00.

The users of the stayblue network enjoyed free pizza deliveries by the mascot of their network to be touched. stayblue offered proof, that it is worthwhile for many reasons here to engage its members once again. A video of the bluerilla pizza action you will find under: blu.ly/pizza. About stayblue: The stayblue-community network was created from the local online platform OScommunity, which was launched in 2002 in Osnabruck by Manuel Wortmann in life. Meanwhile, the national umbrella brand combines stayblue nationwide 397 local communities with over 565.000 users. In addition to the classic functions of social networks, all stayblue communities offer areas with a local focus.

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