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The fourth round of the Super Cup of Spain Quad, sponsored by the insurance specialist motorcycle and quad, took place last weekend at the karting circuit of the Valencian town of Oliva. Sharing paddock and track with the National Supermoto, the Valencia track saw a good entry of an audience that enjoyed the rapids with the spectacular Super Quad discipline. As in the last race of sources to lick in the Spanish navy Oliva show again invincible in fighting and winning two matches called for SQ1 and SQ2. As has happened this season, both categories were held together, which led to exciting duels in various race groups. In SQ1, local rider Ruben Soler asserted his knowledge of the layout and superb fitness to assert with authority on both sleeves. The absence of French Morin, left the fight between himself and Jordi Garcia Soler, after jumping the start of the first round to Alex Bonilla (Honda), tried to catch Soler without success. Finally, the podium was for Soler, followed by Garcia and Bonillo. In the second set, Soler repeated management strategy taking the race from the first corner and maintain his advantage in a masterly way to the fall of the checkered flag.

Jordi Garcia, from behind, tried to overtake Soler, but nothing could prevent double from Valencia at home. The third seat was a fight between lex a Bonillo and John Marin, but was Bonillo who won both races to close the podium from the large category. The decision to downgrade has been a success for Ivan Torralbo, which again show the best of SQ2, signing a one-two hop it a bit more in the standings. The Frenchman Stephane Righini, though battered by the fall suffered during practice on Saturday, knew to keep up finishing second in the first heat, ahead of Natxo Cortes. In the second series, no longer Righini, Torralbo made a comfortable career that took second overall victory of the season. a "scar Jaramillo finished second while third place was played between Natxo Cortes, Ruben Gonzalez and Eduard Puigdevall. It was finally Puigdevall who took bronze in SQ2. The fifth of seven excerpts from this Cup sponsored insurance specialist motorcycle and quad, will be held on July 12 in Pontevedra town of Magdalena. AMV is dedicated to ensuring motorcycles, scooters and quads through the Internet.


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