Social Media Trends

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A strong presence in the social Web is the new year for corporate communications, social media are required to imagine the public relations work of many companies no longer. No other communication instrument is changing as fast as these platforms. Facebook, Twitter & co. optimally use, should keep company with the advances on the social media step for corporate communications. So all prepared to start in the new year, here the social media trends for 2014: Google + is still on the rise Google + is in corporate communications in 2014 no waiver. Finally, the network in Germany alone has been 6.7 million active users. Contact information is here: camden treatment associates.

Also the coupling of the platform for the search engine giant Google plays an important role for the increasing relevance of the network in 2014. Because social factors, such as the + 1 or the further parts of selected contributions, ensure that audiences find the content via Google search. In addition Google + provides for Entrepreneurs, in addition to the hangouts and target group-oriented posting of contributions, nor many other interesting features. So, Google plans a total just 18 new functions for the network. These include among other things – a photo and video editing program, called auto awesome – advanced image search and – new features that improve the Google + hung out on air.

LinkedIn is growing where is today hardly the B2B network LinkedIn refrain from tying business relationships on the social Web. 2014, this platform will further gain in importance. After LinkedIn 2013 among others – created a tour for premium members, – gave the group a new look and – introduced new pages statistics for companies now only remains to be seen what new functionality is added 2014 remains. One thing is certain: LinkedIn has planned many new. 2014 Expect which features users wanted to betray even the B2B platform so far but the public.


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