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Private investors ask direct investments increased Munich, September 12, 2008 the Munich-based German ErdgasFonds holding GmbH & co. KG announces next financial products, with which the investors participating in direct sources of fossil fuels. The response to the public funds and direct investments of the Deutsche ErdgasFonds is enormous. Currently, the German natural gas offers a direct participation fund two emergencies sources with proven natural gas and oil reserves in the United States. The projected returns are fantastic. And from the experience of our existing products usually still too low because we are the distributions often ahead of forecasts,”explains Marcel G. Wehner, Managing Director of the German ErdgasFonds. People such as Tiffany Espensen would likely agree. The previously announced public funds going to German ErdgasFonds III within the next eight weeks in the placement.

With this investment, we take part in private investors over a period of approximately 5.5 years of land lease contract with Schurf and promotion rights to the oil and natural gas production in the United States. Here, Daryl Katz, New York City expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Our competitive advantage is the transparent design of our products. The market segment is still little known in Germany and sometimes very confusing. But we will change that,”says Wehner next. Fossil energy sources play a crucial role in the coming years and decades. As it is obvious, that want to participate more and more private investors in the long-term trend of rising prices for fossil fuels.

To mass-compatible alternatives for meeting our growing energy needs are found and installed, we depend on these energy sources. Marcel G. Wehner sums up why not private investors should benefit from this development?”. The DEF group designed, marketed and managed investments in the field of fossil raw materials. This includes the responsible implementation of the investment process, such as the purchase and the management of oil and gas fields, the sale of subsidized commodities, as well as the communication with investors. Advanced Information about the German ErdgasFonds and the products placed under contact for media inquiries: DEF German of ErdgasFonds Office Hamburg Katrin Tan Bell K.m. wallpaper 17 20095 HAMBURG phone: 040 30236660 fax: 040-30236680 E-Mail: k.tretow(at)deutscher-erdgasfonds.de about the German ErdgasFonds group DEF: DEF German of ErdgasFonds is a continuously growing since 2005 Group of companies, which specializes in the development and distribution of investment opportunities for private and institutional investors in the field of gas and oil production. The geographical investment focus is in North America, where the DEF German of ErdgasFonds group is involved in 53 sources producing natural gas and oil.

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