Satanic Rituals

by HFCadmin ·

"Obvious signs of natural death, no", "strong expansion," "causes of death have not been established – such expressions could be found in newspaper articles dealing with the death of a 70 – 80 years, few people in the peace English county of Sussex. What connection, it would seem, they may have with the device of our Universe? It turns out that the most direct. Friends of Hecate Constable Peter Goldsmith disappeared on Friday June 2, 1972. Six months later, his body found in the woods under a thick layer of fallen leaves. It seemed that the policeman was asleep. As the doctor who conducted the autopsy, death was no less than three months ago. The only thing that casts doubt on the naturalness Death custody order, were the remnants of the metal ring on his left wrist and a half empty bottle with a brown liquid, found behind the corpse.

Analysis showed no presence in it of poisonous substances, but what kind of fluid could not be established. You need to add only one detail, which then escaped the attention of the police: the body was lying in a place where there was a black stream of energy. (The fact that it is, will be discussed further.) Reference: in Sussex, peaceful countryside, from the mid 60's there were a lot of mysterious and terrible incidents. Disappearing dog, often appearing UFO people took possession of the mysterious forces, noted Several cases of unexplained deaths. In addition, discovered the ruins of ancient pagan temples and fresh should be carried out rituals of black magic.


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