Russians Dishes

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Recently in Russia took root cuisine from around the world, which Russians consider exotic. Go to one of these kitchens is true Mexican. Mexican cuisine is as unexpected as the Mexican temperament. In It uses the most incredible combination of products, which gives Mexican dishes a huge variety of flavors. When you see the names of the dishes such as tacos, tostados, burritos, Quesadillas, served in the cafes and restaurants specializing in Mexican cuisine, you find yourself in an atmosphere of exotic and Mexican flavor. It is believed that any recipe Mexican food should always contain chilli peppers. However, this misconception. Mexican vegetable soup, prepared without the addition of hot spices which however does not prevent the exercise in a dish a huge range of flavors.

Mexican dishes are simple in its preparation, and anyone a little "stuffed" his hand will be able to cook them at home. Who have been to restaurants or cafes Mexican cuisine, knows what an integral part of the Mexican table is the tortilla, corn tortilla. In the great recipes number of dishes of Mexican cuisine includes dried beans, are most popular with Mexicans black and pink varieties of beans pinto. Although we have previously noted that not all authentic Mexican cuisine have in their composition chili pepper, it is necessary recognize that the chilli is used in Mexican cuisine is very broad and is its hallmark. A wide selection of chilli peppers, used in authentic Mexican cuisine as well as in sauces, applied to them. Sure to visit the restaurant or cafe, offering Mexican cuisine, and a small piece of this upbeat country forever dwell in your heart.


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