Russian Institute of Nutrition

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Institute of Nutrition, has made long, a very definite conclusion. It is said that even if all the people will go to good nutrition, it does not solve the problem. Because we can not make up a very important body parts in our daily activity. Not to mention the fact that the majority of our population, this diet is impossible for many reasons, including the economic ones. Sounds again the question: why? Why such a power does not solve the problem provide the human body all the necessary nutrients? What has changed? Changed products. Changed our habitat, as a backdrop in which we live.

Changed and touched the soil, and those living beings, we eat. All this taken together leads to the fact that the human body, all of its physiological systems have highly strain to obtain certain nutrients. Filling the gaps, extremely important for the life of the organism, products become more and more difficult. Scientists have suggested that saturate these or other products, essential substances. But this did not solve the problem. Then came BAA.

It's like a we need concentrate substances that regulate zheznedeyatelnost entire body. They are not drugs, and never were! BADobavki should be considered only as a way to maintain a healthy lifestyle. C This can be solgashatsya or not, it can be argued to object, but it has become a reality. To date, dietary supplements were the subject of everyday use. If you compare Western Europe and the United States and Russia for the consumption of dietary supplements population, this comparison is not in favor of the Russians.

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