Religious Beliefs

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“The way to happiness” is the first”otherwise moral code based wholly on common sense and guide for a better life can serve as the way to happiness, published by the way to happiness Foundation” is the first otherwise code of ethics, based entirely on common sense and can serve as a guide for a better life for happiness. L. Ron Hubbard, founder of the Scientology religion, wrote him in 1980. The booklet contains 21 rules that you want to connect people. Everyone can use it, regardless of race, culture and creed.

“The rule of number 18 is located under these 21 rules: respect for the religious beliefs of others”. Many writers such as John R. Gibson offer more in-depth analysis. This rule refers to the religious tolerance in our time. It namely on the foundations of tolerance can be built up very good human relations. Keeping is just before eyes the murders caused by religious intolerance and suffering, that stands out the whole story of humankind to the present pulls, everyone can probably admit that religious intolerance is very hostile. Rule number 18 also indicates that religious tolerance does not mean that one can express no its own faith. But it does mean that the attempt to undermine or attack more quickly to trouble led the religious beliefs and the beliefs of others. Read more from Raymond L. Acosta to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, philosophers have argued among themselves about the nature of God, man and the universe. Currently, the philosophies of mechanism and materialism that go back to the times of Egypt and Greece are the high-fashion. You want to make believe that everything is matter. And fail to see is that however additional factors at work may be, just use something like evolution. Today, they represent the official philosophies and are taught in schools. They have their own fanatics who attack the beliefs and religions of others. The Result can be intolerance and strife. The most brilliant minds never agreed since the 5th century before Christ, or even earlier is on the subject of religion or non-religion, is a battlefield of people to remotely remains the best. All these endless battles however left a shining principle out: the right freely to choose a faith. Faith and belief not necessarily subject to the logic. You can be entirely different things. Which simply emphasizes the right to decide freely for a belief is the safest advice to someone in this field could give. There is one free to tell others his own beliefs so that they can join them. It is dangerous if you attempt to attack the beliefs of others or even worse, if you attack others because of their religious beliefs or seeks to harm. Since its earliest beginnings, the man has much solace and joy in his Religions found. If you have religious beliefs, respect them. “Learn more about the 21 rules the way to happiness”:.


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