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The question for manufacturers of consumer brands repeatedly: ‘Can a brand be successfully established in the market, even if there is no budget for traditional advertising?’ First, the fundamental question arises how much success depends on brands from the height of the media budget. There exist quite brands that obtain their significance to a large extent from a long-term media presence. At the same time, it is but to determine that traditional advertising becoming less effective over the years. The reasons are among others: immanent wastage, advertising refusal of certain target groups, changed media consumption of especially younger target groups, as well as inaccurate definition of the target group. In this respect, it is worth to think about alternatives to traditional advertising. Firstly, to work out the criteria, will be decided according to which their own marketing strategy: size of the target audience: the target audience for the brand is good to restrict, are often to be found in common and is the number of potential Buyer limited, so an alternative marketing concept is more advisable. This can better be adapted to smaller audiences. Advertising expenditures of competitors: the brand in a very heavily advertised environment is positioned and there are only low budget available, offered an alternative advertising strategy.

Emotional added value: how much depends on the perception of the brand of emotional elements? This is essential for the differentiation from competitors this speaks for a classic advertising strategy. Availability of products: high availability is dependent on the selection of a shopping site of the target group, critical for the success of a classic advertising strategy. In other words: traditional media advertising is rather meaningless without wide distribution. In this case, an alternative advertising strategy promises more chance of success. Use alternative marketing concepts including items such as Internet marketing, Public Relations and event marketing. Are excellent examples of the success of brands without traditional advertising: the brand LAMBERTZ”.

The company achieved a turnover of over 500 million without using traditional advertising in 2009. Are used instead for years, for example, events with celebrities. These people are the guarantee for a wide coverage in print and television. A comparable advertising presence would have cost many times over. The chocolate brand Moser-Roth”the company Storck. The 2007 reactivated brand has according to a representative survey * an awareness of 63%. And this even though – without just because – the products only at Aldi are listed. This example shows what great importance may be to purchase files compared to the pure advertising contacts. Conclusion: Alternatives to traditional advertising can be at least as successful if the employed marketing elements have a high relevance for the audience and reach potential buyers in sufficient number. Other rules of the game are these marketing methods”as to observe with traditional advertising. The fingerprint is for optimum performance”to capture the brand and this in an individual, to convict the holistic marketing concept. An experienced and specialized consultant can assist you in all phases: analysis, design and particularly in the implementation on the market.

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