Powder Coating Enhancing

by HFCadmin ·

One of the most modern methods of applying coatings to a variety of products – it's powder coating. High-tech process not only ensures high quality of work, but also a substantial savings in material, safe for the environment, prudent expenditure of energy. Therefore, powder coating confidently holds the leading position in the field of coating materials and technologies for their application. It is obvious that without special equipment to achieve such results is impossible. Indeed, the powder coating using a range of devices that enable the application and durability, and economy of operations. In its simplest form powder paint is with a hand sprayer.

The mechanism by means of compressed air spray particles of coloring matter on the surface. To ensure that they settled on the product, spray should give them an electric charge. This can be done by two basic methods: tribostatic and electrostatic. It's their traditionally used powder coating. Hand gun – an indispensable thing when dealing with small articles. However, if there is an objective need to paint large number of items or bulky objects, such a device can not provide any quality or speed or efficiency.

Here we need automated lines Powder coating, in which instead of a simple spray used special cameras. They are not only being an effective spraying, but by another important procedure – collection of the remaining paint and their return to workflow. This requires a special device – heat exchanger. It allows to achieve cost-effective expenditure of materials and make powder coating virtually waste-free production. The key point Powder coating – the coating has dried. It runs at high temperature and provides a reliable fusion between the particles and their adhesion to the surface. For such a procedure requires special furnaces polymerization. However, their selection and installation must be strictly observed is consistent with the materials of construction products. The heating temperature should not exceed a maximum allowable for these materials.


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