Portuguese City

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The road nets of the two regions are insufficient, the lack of stroll for pedestrians are clear and preoccupying, a great problem perceived in real Village is the road lines that have limitations and they do not make linking in bigger establishments, the parking lack was a problem before the managing plan in Port of Hens. Dan Ariely is often quoted on this topic. Currently this question was developed of intelligent form and had been distributed in 12 estacionamentos around the health-resort being that amongst them, alternative transports and of tourism have final destination in the entrance of the city with daily capacity for 20 vehicles great transport and the 25 of average transport thus limiting super capacity, how much to the real estate question speculation Port of Hens lives has some years this problem and that each time is aggravated more than agreement with the entrance of great investors of the Europe who rent and vendem the property directly the Europeans, supervaluing each m, while in Real Village in the immovable question is well-known that an aggregate value exists the next areas to shopping dolce vita and the strategical points of access the university. Conclusions the displayed comparative degree searched to explain the reality of two distinct localities without searching concepts and or great authors to develop the work, in the reality the option for writing of simplria form was given for becoming the light text with looking at of the ticket for Real Village throughout two years and for the intense convivncia per some years in Ipojuca in special in Port of Hens, it is possible to arrive at a common denominator who the particularitities of each region are made in measure and that the system territorial Portuguese until is applied in some points for requirement of great European investors, but he is not viable to the state, nor to the city to follow a system who do not establish connection item nor of great in common relevance, that is, distinct places, forms to act and to plan must in accordance with be the culture the place and main focus the pursuing adopted for the city.


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