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After standing damage the surface layer of skin and lots of drugs that have been successfully used to treat skin diseases already can not be used. They will not always be used on open wounds. It is in these moments have to wait healing. Very long Pharmaceuticals tried to create drugs that affect areas of itching of the skin to prevent scratching. The problem was that the itching is one of the dominant symptoms of chronic skin diseases that require a systematic approach to treatment: psoriasis, rosacea, eczema, etc. Not all drugs that are positioned as a manufacturer of medicines for itching, can fit into a system of treatment of such diseases and harm. That is, we need a drug that would have eased the itching and would have minimal side effects, as well as help treat such diseases. The first such drugs two decades ago began preparations on steroid basis.

For example, on the basis of the corticosteroid betamethasone dipropionate. But with long-term use of these drugs appeared undesirable side effects. The best known steroid preparations: prednisone, Lorinden, beloderm, etc. The next step was the creation of drugs for antipruritic therapy on non-steroidal organic basis. It all started with that during clinical trials of the drug for resorption of keloid and hypertrophic scars on the basis of an extract of green tomato, revealed its ability to also reduce itching and inflammation. The fact that the formation of scars also is accompanied by severe itching and an experienced agent, had not yet who had a name, this itch is completely suppressed.

The testing program was expanded to examine the effects of the active substance in the drug experienced lesions cover various etiologies. The results were impressive. So there was Cream sodermix "which was developed as a drug for the dispersal of scars, but plus to this, he has distinguished himself as a great" fighter "with an itch. And, as the experience of using such drugs, for the treatment of pathological itch for the future is likely to plant organic matter, because the safety of steroids has not yet been synthesized.


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