Pet Care & Nutrition

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Pets are part of life. Whether mice, rats, cats, dogs, geckos, etc. As a pet you can now find almost any animal and have. For this reason, the supply of Pet Shops and pet food will probably increase. As more and more places rodents can be found at the pets, of course, this refers to the rodent accessories. Depending on the rodents, the nature of the cage is different. For larger rodents is the lattice spacing is not so small as tiny mice, and even then you can still expect a flight risk.

Certainly suitable for mice and rats on a clear terrariums best. Since these are made of glass, can not bite through rodents. And as a running tubes can also do the cardboard tubes from paper towels, etc. in, and there put in a terrarium, the plastic tubes running badly or not have. Most important, however, is that the animals have enough space and need not sit sit crammed together in a pile.

For rodents is what the Nutritional concerns, the best corn. These include, sunflower seeds, oats, corn, etc. The food is also available as a complete mixture in the trade. Of course, also many treats on offer, but both the food and treats for the caution is called for, as these are among the most fattening foods. We must not only enjoy in moderation, not in masses. Hay is the staple food, it helps the rodents in digestion. It is important to always enough hay in the cage, because they eat is also satisfied.


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