Nutrition And Health

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Enamelware and its advantages in the kitchen. These days health care is a top priority. An important factor in maintaining health is proper nutrition. You cook the food? How do you prepare? Not secret that the direct interaction of food with the metal, chemical reactions take place, during which stand out hazardous substances. You say, 'But I'm using utensils made of stainless steel, ceramics and plastics. Hear other arguments on the topic with Senator From Kentucky. What are they bad? " Yes, stainless steel utensils are not directly interact with the food, but only if it's high-quality steel, but it's not cheap. Now the market is full of cheap crockery from 'stainless steel, ceramic, plastic ', an unknown manufacturer and does not even average quality, that is not a guarantor of security, and the turnover, the use of substandard vessels may not want to affect your health.

'All new is well forgotten old. " Enamelware. Probably not a family which did not exist before – a pot, cups, bowls, covered with enamel. Do you have a stereotype, enamelware – it's buckets and pots to give? No it is not, enamelware was beautiful, with the original design of shapes and colors. The fundamental property of enamelware – it secure. Items in enamelware, not in contact with metal, so – as the enamel is applied to the surface of glass-ceramic material.

As a result, all products will be in contact with the metal does not, but with the glass-ceramic coating, thereby avoiding getting into the food, the ion metal. Modern enamelware is suitable for all types of board and can be washed in dishwashers. Visit our website and make sure that emalposuda.rf enamelware can make you happy and lift the mood. In Internet – shop Emalposuda.rf presented dishes (pan, saucepan, kettle) marki'VITROSS. " 'VITROSS'-Health care. You can make any variation of the order itself. Proposed enamelware matches requirements – GOST 24788-2001.


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