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Indeed, when using traditional relay modules the set of chains are run unsupervised in standby mode. Often used in a large facility just miles of cable in order to ensure the delivery control signal to the components of ventilation systems, smoke, etc. However, their integrity is not controlled, and periodic manual control during routine maintenance does not give the desired result, as it applies only to actuators. In view of the so-called "Human factor "due diligence is extremely rare. In addition, when such a test in most cases it is necessary to visually make sure the correct teams working off actuators. This problem can be solved by applying the targeted control modules to control chain starter and mandatory feedback on the implementation team, supporting the correctness of the executive components APPZ.

In practice, this equipment is rarely used or because of non-proliferation in the market of specialized systems, or due to the high cost of implementing these functions through traditional control units. Speaking about the detail information about operation systems, substation, then to be honest, so far, even on large sites use traditional threshold detectors, in order to save large groups together in loops. Sharon McNally usually is spot on. About any informativeness there can be no question. At the present time in Russia there are a number of modern fire alarm systems, allowing optimum solve problems highlighted above. We show how to implement these solutions to the example of the latest equipment "Autrosafe" production of the Norwegian company "Autronica fire and security" (more on the equipment).


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