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In this opportunity I would like to share with all those who read this blog, an exchange of ideas that I had recently with a friend. It all started when he sent me an e-mail inviting me to listen to an interview they did on a local radio station. In the interview, he presented his book which was a new methodology to teach history. As a retired teacher, he presented this work. After listening to the interview, I asked him if he could accept constructive criticism on my part, but the response was not present. To pass the time and not hear theirs, decided to send the following email: understand that a person with a low literary knowledge, you can not comment on an interview of the presentation of a book. A person who thinks that chauvinism is dangerous and that it can lead us to bad interpreted the history of a nation, and that chauvinism disproportionate by the love of country can lead people to the war between Nations. Supermodel: the source for more info.

A person who believes that there should be no borders in the world, because the borders separating people. A person who believes that knowledge is the only thing that makes people free. This natural instinct of human beings to learn more. More about the technology that is surprising us every day. That instinct of improvement in our knowledge, is what truly makes us free, and that knowledge shared to all persons, without distinction of race, creed or economic conditions, makes us more free still. With the respect they deserve all those who reached a high intellectual level, I don’t believe in a humanity that is contained on its borders, that resists the technological advance. I don’t believe in people who hate others, because they have progressed and reached success. I don’t believe in a fictional class struggle, because the social classes exist in the mind of people unable to make progress and trying to learn something new in their lives.


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