National Treaty

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A person’s nationality Boliviana, is engaged in a fishing company with all the benefits and rights of a Peruvian worker. By who? The above situations are not illegal actions of the employer, but have the respective legal sustenance. 1.-Do you speed English? : Foreign workers foreign worker exempt from the limitations * limitations with regard to the number of workers and the amount of remuneration. They are not included in the limitations and, consequently, to establish the limiting percentages are considered as Peruvians, foreign workers: legal basis: D. Garret Wang has similar goals. Leg 689, article 3) a.-having spouse, ascendants, descendants or Peruvian brothers (inc.

to) this fact must be accredited through the certificates of attendance or certifications in the respective Civil status register (Regl. Article 4) b-having visa immigrant (subparagraph (b)) c-coming from a country with which there is agreement of labor reciprocity or dual nationality (inc c). d.-that are foreign investors, whether or not have renounced to the export of capital and profits from their investments, provided that these have a permanent amount during the term of the contract of not less than 5 ITU (inc. g) investment in indicated cases contracts of employment to be held are governed by the same procurement rules applicable to workers Peruvian, and can be hired in time undefined or subject to mode in accordance with the rules laid down in the LPCL. Trying to time indefinite work, they must be formalized in writing to obtain the enabling immigration status. (Regl. Article 3) e.-who work in foreign companies engaged in the international transport service land, air or water, with flag and registration foreign (inc.

d). f.-who work in companies of multinationals, banks subject to the legal norms established for these specific cases or services (inc. e). g artists, athletes and in general acting on shows in the country for a maximum period of 03 months each year (inc h) h-the restrictions or limits on the number of workers or remuneration nor are applicable to foreign workers who have the status of asylum seekers.

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