Mysteries Of Nature And Knowledge Transfer On Healing

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There is no unified leadership and a common technique in the healing arts, a lot of them. Dignity and worth of all of them is that they are unique in themselves, as well as their owners. Over the years I had many years of practice faced with many similar situations, because there is nothing extraordinary or unique in the field of human relations with nature. But each of us – it is unique jewel of nature, and unique is its framing of our Creator. There are still many mysteries of nature in the field of paranormal researchers will unravel. Numerous theories to be accepted as de Fakto because they are not amenable to any scientific explanations and hypotheses to explain the metaphysical phenomena grow at the appearance of mushrooms after rain. Quite possibly, if scientists were not so glued to the discoveries of the last centuries, and would open their eyes to the knowledge of thousands of years, people in different parts of our small planet, a lot was opened to them. For example, did not have to expend energy, knowledge and time to reconstruction of the upper, fertile soil layer subjected to corrosion due to human neglect the wisdom of our ancestors.

And what about the many diseases that are treated in each house vintage tested people's means. Our grandmothers were treated with their children raspberries, and our parents – antibiotics with implications … In many cultures there are specific barriers to access random people in the ranks of the guardians of centuries-old wisdom, including healers, doctors, healers and shamans. In most cases, knowledge is passed on by inheritance or election students. This makes sense. It is hard to imagine that information to build an atomic bomb would be a public record. What then to speak about the types of energy that do not know the obstacles and distances, cultural and religious differences, racial and ethnic differences. Rachel Madorsky

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