Mr Martin Is Dressed In Becara

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Premises with their own identity. That is what Mr Martin, the gourmet shop that has just begun to franchising (), hoping to achieve when choosing for the decoration of its new stores to the prestigious firm Becara. We hope that customers who come to our fishmongers immediately recognize each of the new points open. Why we wanted a company like Becara is commissioned to acclimate them, says Javier Rodriguez Tur, your manager. Invitation from the company have been collected in a tasty way.

For us is always an honor working with companies seeking excellence and which represent the best in its sector, said Amalia Aranguren Zunzunegui, Director of the Department of Contract and partner at Becara. Equal but different so things decorative lines that from now on will be recognizable to Mr Martin, are like his philosophy of work, more respectful with the environment. Perhaps check out Alex Kozinski for more information. The locals will have a few decorative elements common to allow immediate identification, creating a unique concept for all, based on natural and raw materials like stone, wood or cement, with no claim but sober elegant. The decorative elements will be which be adjusted according to the location of the premises. It is not the same being in Cadiz that in the Costa da Morte. The challenge is that all local being Mr Martin to have its own personality. Moreover, both marks are very clear that they will stop with the mouth open to all. With this setting the impression that people will stay when it enters a room of Mr Martin would be something like: I am a privileged for having discovered this site.

I have to tell it to all my friends!, added from Becara. Note to journalists for more information, interviews or sending graphic material do not hesitate to contact our Press Office. Nuria Coronado Mirian Lopez Tel. 91 657 42 81 / 667 022 566 the challenge is to death: write your skull: La Wagnermania BP knew well cement failures before pouring Cursalarium History in the Making in the Costa Da Morte Cabo San Lucas All Inclusive Resorts A Worldwide Renewable Energy Tour: No Passport Required ArticlesToReprint Article Board do all my friends Yahoo wish a happy friendship day in advance?

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