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New customer acquisition and lead management in medium-sized enterprises: Status quo, opportunities and potentials Mittelbiberach, 12.03.2013. Properly applied lead management can really push the sales pipeline. Marketing and sales manager the term lead management therefore only too familiar. Lead management contact management means and refers to the handling of new customer contacts in the sales management process. Saupe telemarketing wanted to know how technology companies lead management keep it with an annual turnover from 100 million euros with the trend topic and interviewed 480 companies on eleven topics. Already 37 percent of companies use top trends lead marketing and Adresskauf actively on lead management. Strategic lead management requires lead marketing across all channels. Campaign, an event and a call center action lead marketing includes phase-related activation of contacts, for example, through an intelligent E-Mail Marketing.

A quarter of the companies surveyed said to have purchased addresses for obtaining lead. Strategic lead management creates always relevant Communications events with potential contacts. Most favourite instrument for this purpose is still the fair, announced 49 percent of the companies surveyed. Only 12 percent of companies know what a new contact costs only 12 per cent of the companies surveyed know the effective cost of a new contact. 42 Percent of the companies are also unhappy with the number of generated new contacts. The fact that 48 percent use a CRM system for controlling their lead management is also alarming. Too often the lead marketing and lead management responsibility for distribution and not centrally for marketing, indicate the decision makers from marketing and sales at the survey. Cover for absent only 58 percent of the track consistently to their generated contacts.

The survey results suggest the demand driven lead management is how high to a strategy and controlling. Only a quarter of the companies surveyed can specify a follow-up rate of nearly 100 percent. See also 38 percent of the companies surveyed optimization potential with regard to the quality of the leads. The entire survey is available at Portals/0/Downloads/Umfrage_Saupe_Lead_Management.pdf free of charge. About Saupe telemarketing Saupe telemarketing offers since 1987 strategic dialogue marketing, E-Mail Marketing, telemarketing and call center services. Many clients of the investment goods industry appreciate the communicative demanding and industry-specific solutions. Now, 34 call center consultants, covering 17 different languages, as well as 6 strategic advisers are working on the site Mittelbiberach.

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