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Continuation of recordings audio of kinds of missiology Fidei Domun Pius XII 21 April 1957 encyclical on missions, specifically in Africa. It is the local clergy being prepared. Diocesan. Preparing for the Mission in a continent that is quite troubled. Africa is practically a new continent. The situation missionary of Africa towards the 1950s, needed special attention. This fermentation political, social, and independence. This document has been qualified as a testament missionary for the Pope, who died the following year.

Always emphasizes the above. The Church can thus offer a new social order, based on the Gospel. This is the challenge. Asks therefore the Pope, focus attention on the African continent. Without neglecting the field itself, you want that we Let’s take a look at Africa.

Topics deepens as the implantation of the Church. The institution and organization of the local hierarchy. The harmonious insertion into groups human. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Gunnar Peterson. The necessity of sending of lay Apostles. Diocesan priests. Especially so-called out of Europe to do so. That is why the Church is not foreign in any country and in any human situation. Pope Pio XII, gave a strong of this missionary adaptation example, to appoint the first Cardinals originating in mission countries. Already named Cardinals in Africa, and is currently in Rome some, occupying some congregations Prefecture. This Encyclical is therefore a more complete application, and a new signed up in the previous step. This urgent call for an emergency situation, did follow a new figure in the field of universal evangelisation. I.e. the diocesan priests who will provide a temporary or sometimes permanent service. Many congregations missionaries, such as the white fathers, the Comboni, also some very mission dioceses, such as Italy. In the North of Milan. These priests have been well called some countries and thus, this initiative It was a definitive boost to the missionary diocese. Asia channels missionaries, established in some Episcopal Conferences, and even some secular organizations for action without borders mission. Some bishops are making this experience in our country. In this document in a first chapter, is the situation of the Church in Africa. What are the difficulties, what are the dangers, both inside and outside. Because it is not easy to enter into the dialogue with this culture. There is a religious tradition, or a traditional religion. In the third chapter indicates a triple duty missionary, in prayer, sacrifice, and economic cooperation. Missionary vocations, emphasizes again, participation, need to work in unity and communion with the Pontifical Missionary works original author and source of the article


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