Meatless Meals

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In the days of Lent, when not consumed food of animal origin are a major source of complete proteins, bean dishes play a vital role in nutrition. Cereal food – it's mostly cereal. They are especially good for a hearty breakfast, as a separate lunch dish or garnish. In the lean days of cereal can be the main meal. Vegetable porridge cooked in water, they are more nutritious the vegetable broth. In the old days, when Japanese did not know that there will be an advanced nation of the planet, they've grown buckwheat.

Two and a half thousand years ago on the mountain slopes, where poprohladnee existed buckwheat field. Then simply boiled buckwheat. In the golden period Japanese culture – Nara (from 710 to 794 by year. er.) – of it is also preparing cakes and dumplings. Rice was in the first place, roads, and secondly, it is forbidden to the lower classes. Meanwhile, internecine war ended and was adding population. Grew and the new capital of Japan – Edo (later Tokyo). And this despite the fact that in it and it was about one million inhabitants! Hundreds of thousands of workers in need of affordable, nutritious and easy to prepare food.

Since the end of the xvi century gained enormous popularity buckwheat noodles. She ate no frills, except in a soy sauce dipping. Now, many varieties of soba – mainly because of side dishes: Kake-Soba, Mori Soba, Tane-soba. Noodle itself is not changed. Even in the factories Japanese home-style hung thread noodles on bamboo sticks on the street.


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