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Mattresses come in basically two types: foam or springs / coil. Foam weighs less while the spring / coil will last longer. Accessories include bedding, crib sheets, crib wedges and waterproof mattress. Foam mattresses high quality cost between $ 80 to $ 100, while a spring, mattress, coil cost of $ 75 to $ 200. Bedding, Bumpers-Sheets-Quilts-Shams Most standard cribs, canopy and convertible use standard size crib bedding. A round crib, cradle carries, crib and crib all will require special beds to fit the size of the particular item.

A bumper is a necessary element that is needed to keep the baby safe, keeping the baby's arms and legs getting stuck in the slats. A quilt or comforter should not be used in the crib, but rather as a play mat for baby. A diaper stacker is used to store diapers and keep the nursery more organized. Pillows are a safety hazard for the baby and should never be used in the crib. Most bedding sets can cost from $ 50 to a maximum of $ 700 for a set with better quality fabrics, etc. A changing table changing table should be well padded, have guardrails and include safety straps for the baby. They come in various types, such as the combination sytle, dresser drawer and one with open shelves.

Accessories include changing pads, and clean oraganizers heaters. A changing table can be used from birth through two years of age. They range in price from $ 90 to $ 200 depending on accessories and storage space they have.


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