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‘ What is that? I also would like to have that!’ what is this? I also would like to have that! “Every time, when Nicole served a Matcha latte in a high glass she is approached by guests, who are not familiar with the cult drink. The most popular variant is the Matcha latte SOIA Vaniglia “.” The colour attracts great attention: A shining green, framed by white foam. The first taste is amazing. Check out celebrity trainer for additional information. Mild and nutty, sweet and cute. Quite different from a usual tea taste, but very tasty “, promises Gregor Schubert, the owner of Teeteria.

Some people drink it pure, most combine it with different flavors such as chocolate, vanilla or banana. You must try! “The making of Matcha tea is expensive it is a green tea, which is obtained from the variety of tenha.” Be intense aroma he owes a special kind of production: from mid-April to harvest the tea fields are covered. Because of the low sunlight produces the tea plant more chlorophyll. This ensures a delicate dark green leaves and many natural amino acids. Compared to other green tea, the sweet taste therefore Matcha contains not the typical bitterness. Hot water steam stops the fermentation, after steaming and drying the Matcha in traditional granite Mills used for fine tea powder. The Teeteria refers to their Matcha tea directly from Japan and the world’s only company that builds on him strictly according to biologically controlled methods.

For good reason, Matcha tea has long been a well kept secret of the Japanese nobility. The tea was beaten with a bamboo broom green sparkling jade”called. A treasure in the old empire. Matcha is regarded as the powerhouse in the Teas. Ideal as an accompaniment to breakfast; its effect is similar to a strong espresso. The difference: Matcha tea is much agreeable than coffee. As green tea Matcha is one of the oldest remedies in the world. One more reason to test him. Petra Rinow

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