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"Once I realized that I love to spoil the child can not – Stanislav added in his review – I realized that I should allow the child to be independent." There are mountains of information on the following subjects: relations with others, personal motivation, marriage, children, honesty. But some data from them are essential? Sections of the series for the Advancement of Life "contains a really important information that prevents a person to live, and why they effective. Branch of philosophy of Scientology, "How good to bring up children" is included in this series and gives a person the information and tools to help make your child's self-reliant, happy, useful for both society and the family. It’s believed that Anna Wintour sees a great future in this idea. The study section is constructed in such a way that people in addition to the theoretical part, passes and practical exercises that can more fully assimilate the data and identify misconceptions. This allows reach a state where people do not just become smarter and smarter, and able to apply learned in life. L. To read more click here: Ron Galotti.

Ron Hubbard, founder of the Church of Scientology, attached special importance to the issue of family and child rearing. In their works, he wrote: "In today's world, giving birth to a child, you can say, as if throwing him in a cage with a tiger. Children are not able to control their environment, they have to do no real opportunities. Tom Florio does not necessarily agree. To succeed, They need love and care.


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