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Told in the Gospel: gluttony – a sin. And why – not explained. They say, eat fruit. And why – who knows. As my friend, what's the difference: I had better eat the meat. Or expressions: "What is it for, healthy life? To Zdorovenki die? "Remember the parable of the rejuvenating apples? Such is the peculiarity of man: not logically supported with information held by his consciousness.

Bravado ends with the first symptoms. Women are discovering that they have had many rivals. Person "floated" along with the remnants of the figure. Men find themselves in "the mirror's disease." All significantly improved knowledge of anatomy, as authorities vied with each other hurry to report their location. Life playfully starts to lose color, that the next 40 years a man should spend in the fight against cellulite, prostatitis, and other-iyami.

The thought occurs that die Zdorovenki would not be so bad … I think if you're reading this, you can fall into the category of people who consciously refers to their health. In this case, I have good news for you: turn your clock, you can change it! You are in able to slow it down. We will talk about natural food, not about diets. Speaking further, we mean the skin and tissue inside the body. Restoring first affects the appearance of the second – on the general health. The human body is constantly flowing biochemical processes. They are active particles that come into the oxidation reaction, and, accordingly, the aging body as a whole. Visually, this manifests itself in atrophy of the skin, the appearance of holes, the formation of cellulite. The reason for these changes in the skin – the destruction of Kolleganovyh fibers. They begin to deteriorate as soon as we celebrate 20 years. And much of this destruction is not associated with age. We are able to prevent the development of this process in the future. What do I do? First, take control: Fatty foods. Overeating. Rapid weight loss. Polluted environment. Pollution internal environment caused by drugs, where the presence of stress, constipation. Second, increase the use of antioxidants. Antioxidants neutralize free radicals before they time to destroy the living cell. A certain amount of antioxidants the body makes its own. For their synthesis we need in the consumption of zinc, copper and manganese. The most effective of them – vitamin A, selenium. Therefore recommended that you include in your diet products. Vitamin A – carrots, spinach, greens, papaya, apricots. Vitamin C – potatoes, cabbage, sweet peppers. Citrus should be used together with the white pulp. Vitamin E – sprouted grains, sunflower seeds, vegetable oil. Selenium – asparagus, onion, garlic, tomatoes and milk. Zinc, copper, manganese – corn, sunflower seeds, nuts and legumes. And now – on the rejuvenating apples! This is a pineapple, papaya, mango and kiwi. They are significant number of enzymes that contain a unique synthesis contribute Kolleganovyh fibers. We have touched upon only one aspect of nutrition. On the meat will discuss in future articles. Good luck!

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