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There are journalists who say in relation to the coaches, and at the time they make a change when there is very little time to finish a match, that action implies a lack of respect towards the soccer player who enters the field of play as a substitute. Those who have that view, or even consider that the technician on duty, exercising its right to develop freely their work, intends simply wasting time. If the player who enters the field when only a couple of minutes to finish the match, get a goal, and with so much that his team achieved the victory, not only will have made a great contribution to the collective (which is always the most important thing), also at the individual level will be very enhanced self-esteem, and this is a real situation that happens in many moments within the football competition. Scoring a goal in the last minute, taking just a few seconds in the rectangle of the game, it is not something that can be considered science fiction, at all. When the previously exposed happens will continue to thinking, that the coach is offending somehow footballer that uses as a substitute? The first thing in it should be thinking is in the good of the team, which is always above any personal selfishness or particular interests that put individualities to the benefit of the collectivity.

If a player played just one minute of game (or even less) and manages to score a goal that allows your team to achieve three points in dispute, the possible lack of respect by the technician to the footballer, or arises, we’ll, it dissolves faster than a lump of sugar in a cup of coffee, and in the end the only thing that sounds is a joke, but of those who have no grace. If also allegedly offended player, revalued athletically for the attainment of that both in-extremis and also on a personal level view raised considerably, mood what is may object to the changes made by the coach when the party is about to end? Also, say this applies equally if the footballer who comes into play, don’t get any goal, but comes with a specific mission that your technician has enjoined and meets with her, even if it is just a few seconds. There are many tasks that the coach can you instruct the substitute, from make a marking to a determined opponent, defend a strategy, trying to keep the ball as long as possible or simply the already annotated lose the greater amount of time that you can, until the final whistle. All of them, according to the development of the game, can become key aspects and determinants for achieving a win or avoid defeat. Any mission assigned to the mister is important, but very little time is left and no footballer has to feel despised for it, another thing is effective or not, of substitution based on the result obtained with it, that depends on the success by the coach, leaving aside the time remaining game. What if it is safe and we are convinced of this, is that any technician of the category that is, takes a player to the field with the intention of committing to him a lack of respect by making him play just a few minutes. Paco Arias activities training On-Line for coaches beginners. emeequis hundreds of people give the last farewell to the writer

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