IUD Abortion

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Mifegin – a synthetic steroid means having antiprogesteronovoy activity. Used in pharmacological abortion in early pregnancy (up to 5 weeks). Application Mifegin impossible without physical examination, study history a patient without a pre-diagnostic tests. By use of the drug there are a number of strict contraindications that need to be deleted before the medical abortion. These include: ectopic pregnancy pregnancy on the background of an IUD acute inflammatory processes of genital inflammatory liver failure some intestinal diseases of the cardiovascular system taking certain hormonal medications idiosyncrasy drug components After all the diagnostic procedures at the absence of absolute contraindications, the patient takes the drug and remains under medical supervision for 2-3 hours.

If at this time began vomiting, expulsion is likely to happen. In this case, usually pass to the procedure of mini-abortion. Pain and bleeding of varying intensity occur within 36-48 hours after ingestion, but they are not guarantees of complete expulsion. It is therefore necessary additional purpose of prostaglandins, as well as the subsequent professional supervision. The success of abortion, provoked Mifegin is achieved thanks to its antiprogesteronovoy activity. The drug blocks the uterine receptors responsive to progesterone – a hormone that plays an important role in the development of pregnancy in early pregnancy. Because of this rejection takes place, gestational sac, a decline in the uterus, as well as the disclosure of her neck. For confirm the complete removal of a fertilized egg after 8-14 days after the procedure is carried out follow-up visit.


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