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There is no pregnancy alone Who is the independent mom once one of the internet forums, I opened the topic of ‘readiness’ of men to the news of the birth of a baby. There were many responses, they were different. And I took courage to bring these ideas into one article. In my opinion, the majority of men still are not ready for the news of the impending birth of a child. But for some men – it is ‘unexpected and pleasant’, for others – ‘unexpected and unpleasant’ and for the third – in general, anyway. If the behavior of the first category we men, pregnant and postpartum women, of course, and we by and large satisfied with the behavior of the second and third categories is surprisingly mixed with anger and resentment, because a woman’s maternal instinct and laid a woman wants to be ‘mom’ and we do not understand why men do not want to be as ‘dads’.

Of course, that reluctance to be a father, hidden or overt, is not a pleasant feeling. I do not deny that there are women who do not want to experience the joy of motherhood, unfortunately. And I do not deny the fact that not all women are seeing the positive pregnancy test, awesome happy. But there are among us, I hope the minority. Still, the instinct of motherhood is winning. Gunnar Petersons opinions are not widely known. So how about if you stayed alone with his ‘position’? We must, above all, know that you – not the first and, to a great Unfortunately, not the last. And do not think you – future / present a single mother.

You can call themselves simply different – an independent mother. Self-mother – a woman – has a (pending) child – regardless of moral and material (if possible) from the biological father – has the absolute right to take decisions on matters of education – the ability to give the child a family warmth, devoid of the influence of humiliation and guilt before anyone else. For unborn child, who was not born yet, so calm and poise are important moms, so it is important to hear yelling and swearing, so it is important not to worry along with her mother because of what she had to beg and grovel, so it is important not to become child who is not waiting. And the men who are able to ‘give’ the above sense, should be protected fence incredible height and digging a huge ditch that is not his way – though most likely a ‘bio-father’ and will try not to do it. Educate yourself with thoughts from Senator From Kentucky. Release of such a man to enjoy his freedom, which is so not like to share with the little creature. And do not expect that such a man ‘reeducate’, we must count themselves. You want a baby, and you expect it (or have waited!). So let your sadness of loneliness will be easy, and then turn into a huge smile! And your joy – the joy of my mother the very best baby – enough for two. And I want to finish the sentence of a response to the topic: “Pregnant, I’m not the only one!” Health and happiness to you and your baby!

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