How To Learn To Speak: The Method Of “keywords

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There are two polar views – the first: to write a speech, then memorize, and second: to make a speech and say it five or ten times. I hold the second method, based on a very simple idea: written and oral speech – two huge difference in the written language is used entirely different methods of influence and impact on the audience, rather than in writing. Most effective, in my opinion – a method of keywords when you build your speech around a few words or phrases. Some contend that Center for Environmental Health shows great expertise in this. Then there is no need to memorize it, because you can express your thoughts in different words. What is a keyword? “The key word – a word in the text, which can in combination with other keywords to represent text.

A set of key words in the document referred to as a document search. Set of keywords similar to the annotation and synopsis of the plan, which also represent the document with less detail, but devoid of syntactic structure “(Wikipedia)> So, to begin work on the show? The very first exercise – Preparatory. The content of this activity – reading the text aloud to students. To read the Take small text, it is better finished – it may be an article from a magazine or newspaper. If you have a specific purpose – to learn to act on some specific topic related to your work or school, it is very good take articles on these topics. Thus, you are preparing for the allocation of key words and type in your active vocabulary new words.


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