How To Build A Stairway

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At the stairs, store-bought and ladders made with his own hands, there are many differences. The quality of manual processing, if desired, may be much higher production. An important aspect in the manufacture of wooden stairs, is the similarity of textures of the materials from which made the ladder. Most of the ladders placed on the market and direct odnomarshevye, for example, to install the wall, such ladders are not suitable, because they have handrails on both sides. Find a suitable ladder – time-consuming and requires time-consuming. If you decide that the ladder is constructed with his own hands, get a great scope for individual pans and plans a series of DIY, as well the same opportunity to realize.

Regarding the technical side, making the stairs is not particularly difficult. Everyone will be able to make the necessary parts and assemble a ladder, having a basic skills tinkering. However, building stairs may be the most difficult. Stairs must be safe and comfortable, as well as comply with building standards and regulations. Step height must be calculated exactly – the high will create uncomfortable with the rise, yet little less comfortable and even dangerous. It should be very carefully think through all the details to make design calculations, since the construction of stairs easily be mistaken. Do not spare the time to start studying building codes and regulations.

123 Calculation of the height and width of the steps. First of all, the construction of stairs, you need to calculate the height of the stairs. For this to be fixed on the top of the board, with a margin overlapping the right place, from which will begin lifting ladders. By measuring the height of the stairs, you'll build, you can go to the calculations. You can start by calculating the height of the risers. sdfg formulas for calculating the width of the risers and steps: 1) 2a + b – cm 2) a + b – cm, a – Height, b – width of the stage. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta has to say. The formula should be chosen according to circumstances, for example, if believing in a single formula, the size of stage is too small or large, try to count on the other. Practice has shown that the most convenient are stairs with a width of risers 340-370mm and a height of 140-170mm. The dimensions shall be: the height of risers 120-200mm, the tab (step edge), 20-40mm. The narrower level, the greater the height of the risers, and vice versa. Step height, should not be greater than the width. The shortest distance from the stairs to the construction placed on it (ceiling, balcony, etc.) shown in the figure shown below.

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