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Horizontal bar – is a simple shell consisting of two posts and the crossbar. But, in spite of its simple structure, perform exercises on it is not so easy. Most of the population older than 13 years often envious look at the guys who easily do 20-25 pull-ups. As is customary after the army guys rarely do on the bar, they prefer to sit on the couch watching TV. I think is wrong.

Since the pull-ups – is one of the most versatile exercises that runs on virtually all groups of muscles in the arms, back and torso. Most likely you just decide to test their strength. Remember, not discouraged after your first failed attempt. Often the person hanging on the bar at horizontal bar, "jerks" a couple of minutes, and if it turns out nothing, decides to abandon this activity and go back to watching your favorite TV. But need to start small and do not try to catch up on the first try 50 times. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr. Gerard Addonizio and gain more knowledge..

To start a couple of days just hanging on the bar as long as possible, do not while carrying out any pull-ups, just hang on a maximum. So your fingers will harden and start to get used to the bar, they will not always slip in performing the exercises. Then be pulled as many times. Within four days of pull 3-4 times in the approach. Because if ever catch up to the maximum, you just do in your muscles and may even injury. Try to catch up with "high quality"! After 4 days of 6-7 have pull repetitions. And with the same frequency increase the number of repetitions. If all this is easily obtained, it is possible to increase the load. And yet, it is necessary to catch up soon learn different grip, in order to work out more muscle groups. When performing exercises with a narrower grip more load transferred to the arm muscles. With a wide grip – well worked out back and chest. If you pulled up and his head and even a wide grip, then you effectively flush your back muscles and the delta from trapezes. Once you get used to, you can use other exercises horizontal bar, such as access to power, access to the officer's power, the rise of revolution, etc. These exercises strengthen the muscles as well. Also on the bar can be pumped very efficiently Press. In Vis lift legs bent or straightened in his knees (on our website under "Exercises" you will find a detailed description of it with the image. "Remember, do not rush to seek the maximum, be patient! When overloading your muscles may not survive and you can hurt yourself.

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