Healthier Pet Food

by HFCadmin ·

The result yielded by this study seems logical since without underestimating to undertakings producing food for dogs, just think only the following; How much time elapses between the raw material is purchased until it is processed, in addition proteins, lipids, vitamins, and minerals that form an essential role in a optimal nutrition are mostly destroyed in the process of manufacture of food for dogs since we know that processes at high temperatures are used for the manufacture of commercial dog food and extruded into pellets and these necessarily entail great loss of elements nutritious. All this has led to that truly committed companies and many European breeders and Americans, are considering the need to modify the diet of your dog, here are born two new currents; the first that advocates a raw, fresh, and natural dog food what would be returning to the primary origin of the canine nutrition and the second which argues for the manufacture of food dog organic and free of chemical additives..

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