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The Health Minister not received them, despite their demands. The community closes a public hospital devoted to heart. The main entrance to the Ministry of health remained closed to the public for three hours between 1115 and 1415 hours after a group of elders from the collective Yayoflautas enters the building to deliver a letter of protest against cuts to the Adviser Javier Fernandez-Lasquetty. With this action the collective of elderly linked to the 15-M movement wanted to express his discomfort for the introduction of the euro by recipe, which also affects retirees, and against the rest of cuts in public health announced recently by the regional President, Ignacio Gonzalez. Among them are the closure of services at the hospital La Princesa, the dismissal of interim staff, privatization of health management in six hospitals or the pierced 10% of the regional health centres to companies. They prevented them from going to the bathroom when seven seniors already were inside, the civil guards who normally guard the building closed the gate for does not fit more people, by what were locked inside the building, said a spokesman for the group.

Meanwhile, another group of about 20 retirees stood in the door of the counseling, located on the street customs, chanting chants in favor of public health and they were carrying whistles and banners against the outsourcing of services. The demonstrators claimed that the building security staff them prevented going to the bathroom during the three hours that remained inside. They have closed them, he denounced one of the enclosed. A spokesman of the Ministry said that, despite the incident, the Department functioned normally. About 1415 hours, protesters were concluded their protest action and abandoned the regional offices.

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