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One must let the healing not only the doctors. Hurray We’re still alive! Two Saarland authors have cured themselves! Two Saarland authors reunited after 30 years at the book fair and realized that they have a lot in common: they have are not given up! One must let the healing not only doctors, man must work even in itself, tell Mrs Sylvia Poth, an expert on the unconscious and also author and wife Jutta Schutz, studied the psychology and is also a writer. “Sylvia Poth (born 1956), on an umbilical vein thrombosis” suffers, was abandoned by the physicians 47 years ago. Alone with her strong will and by force, energy and discipline she is still alive. Ms Poth is an expert in the subconscious of people today, she studied this topic over 20 years themselves. See also press release: doctors are not gods. So long, doctors separate the body from the spirit and the soul, there will be many sick people. Many doctors have always still not understood that a sick person needs also mental support, say both authors.

“As the end of July 2007, Jutta Schutz diagnosis diabetes two” was made, has not found out the author with this disease and found another way, without becoming healthy again medication. It is the form of nutrition LOGI, a low-carbohydrate diet. Until today the most diabetics see disbelief woman contactor, if she reported by this form of nutrition. Still incredulous woman contactor looks but if doctors have yet no idea of this LOGI form of nutrition. Here, you can apply this LOGI not only against diabetes but also in migraines, rheumatism and gout. Unfortunately Ms contactor noted today that no alternative is mentioned in the training for diabetics. LOGI is not discussed.

Woman contactor has been living for a year after LOGI and has no more diabetes. Dr. Heilmeyer (internist) gave me my last concerns because the LOGI form of nutrition from the clinic uberruh taken, which took a lot of time for my questions, although I was not a patient of his. I was totally surprised that there are still such doctors “, enthuses Ms contactor and wife Poth responds: based on our medical records, it is to prove that you can go a long way, to heal itself.” My remote spleen is fully grown after and works normally. “Both authors are new projects with the theme: health” planned and they hope, with new books next year on the book fair-new readers win again. Mrs Sylvia Poth: wife Jutta Schutz:

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