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Nave Greetings from Alfa! We have already said several times that the situation in 2010 will be difficult, if seen from a physical standpoint, but very rewarding and a breakthrough at the interior for those who are working for the planet and its living creatures. Although there will be some planetary events in some specific places, nothing should disturb him or remove them from job to do in these times of global change. They have our assertion that nothing will happen, because we are monitoring all of you, so that in any case of danger we can go immediately to his rescue. Even some of you have been contacted before, but do not remember it consciously, and they have been implanted microchips in a certain part of your anatomy, you better not disclose its precise location, so they can be reached at any time that we we need to know your exact whereabouts. (Not to be confused with Lu Han!). Not at all should take this as a loss of liberty and privacy, as our intention is only help promptly if they need help or assistance of any kind, either to yourself or to someone who is together with you. There are people from your planet (Earth) that have already reached a high spiritual development, and that fully satisfies us and makes us feel very proud of you because we know that are not in the ideal environment to live a spiritual life. However, in some minds the light is so powerful that dispels the darkness which strives to penetrate their minds and their habits. . Swarmed by offers, Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta is currently assessing future choices.

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