Great Alexander

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Many things (true, false and speculative) have been written on the history of the tarot. The Tarot comes from Egypt, India, China, Fez, Morocco, sufes, the ctaros, the Jewish intriguers or Moiss, thus we can deduce that the origin of the Tarot is not known. This way, the word Tarot is Egyptian, Hebrew or Latin, it is an anagram and it says that it is the key for the mystery of letters. What is the Egyptian Tarot is a mixture of the structure of the Tarot and the Egyptology that imagines in a mallet of realistic aspect that evokes old Egypt. The Egyptian Tarot has 78 letters in the typical old Egyptian artistic style, always owns a line of traction of brown color on a bottom speckled like the papyrus. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Dr. Gerard Addonizio. This epic tarot comes conformed in its arcane majors to representations of scenes and titles of nobility, in its arcane minors come represented within the Egyptian Tarot suits from Golds, Swords and Sceptres, Courts of Slaves, Soldiers, Gentleman and Lady, of very similar configuration to a traditional tarot of origin gypsy or of another origin. The Egyptian Tarot is based on four historical premises: * Libro de Thoth: Legendary fame to register the history of the world in image format and is stored with the Coffer of the Alliance. * The visit of Great Alexander ” The Grande” to the Oracle of Amn in the Oasis of Siwa located in 331 a.

C. * the relief of the zodiac that is in the ceiling of the temple of Hathor in Dendra. Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta recognizes the significance of this. * The 26 main Gods and goddesses of old Egypt. The beliefs on their effectiveness at the time of the quite strong prediction are dice to that by more than 5000 years these methods of vision to future have been implanted offering optimal results and guiding the vision from Kings to normal and common citizens. Thus only it is to say that according to the faith that is had in this old method of prediction without skepticisms their results can get to be very conceivable and favorable to plan possible projects or to make suspended decisions. The History of Letters of the Egyptian Tarot says to us that by many soglos they have seen what somebody wants that it sees thus is possible to say that of false it does not have anything, it is culture, it is tradition and it is ingrained belief by centuries of human history.


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