Franz Kafka

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The death of Franz Kafka. July of 1983 ____Eu I killed Franz Kafka! they ____Quem? ____Franz Kafka Writer Czech, does not know it, author of the Process, Metamorphosis, the Castle, expensive ____No friend, does not know it, cannot help you, I do not know who is this man and I cannot say that I know its workmanships. ____Por favor, helps I to me killed Franz Kafka, killed it for the pulmes, I, I was its illness and can say that it was healthful before attributing my species to it in its pulmes. Hear other arguments on the topic with celebrity trainer. ____No friend, this such that you speak (says one third man) died has one hundred years, was not you with certainty killed that it. ____Sim I say I was I in a sanatorium I I killed Franz Kafka. Ah. Blasphemies! Vocs does not believe me does not believe that I was it author of its death to who I can look for they believe so that me if vocs officers of the law will not be able to help I ask for to me, I help me, therefore killed I it! Today I does not die itself more than, but I killed Franz Kafka, writer Czech of German language I yes I put my brothers in its pulmes and I killed it was not married did not have children, that if has the news, but killed I it.

expensive gentleman perhaps ____Meu why he does not look other to bother, as he can see we are full of service and we do not interest in them for fantasiosas estrias as its, why does not go to a psychiatrist they can there help you. ____No! I do not have nothing to see with a psychiatrist I am not wild, I am a very important assassin of somebody, am not an insane person as vocs they think, arrest me ____No we can make my expensive gentleman, you, before the law he is a innocent man and innocent they do not go for chain. ____No is the chain that I want, wants to die as well as killed that noble gentleman. ____No we can arrest it. _____Ento I go for another place makes that it! ____Qual another place? Some does not have place.


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