Flap Type Chameleon

by HFCadmin ·

The introduction of new more efficient technologies into production in our not only rare but also a necessary measure optimization companies. Advanced optical design will allow to bring the convenience and safe use of welding masks to the next level, now the mask welding type "chameleon" are gaining increasing popularity among welders. Mask fully protects the welder from infrared and ultraviolet radiation, which raises the level of eye protection welder. Official site: Henry Aaron. This type of welding masks proven effective in protecting the welder's face and eyes from harmful radiation of the arc and spatter. Obviously, the human condition performing work directly affects the quality of their performance, so the use of masks, "Chameleon" is a good investment in quality. First: shield welder – an effective remedy, with which the likelihood of injury and the emergence of occupational diseases (diseases of the eye) is minimized.

Second: a tool to reduce the execution time work because mask "chameleon" responds to changes in light intensity, hence a welder there is no need to shoot every time and wear a mask. In modern masks "chameleon" There adjustment in size, hence the mask comfortably sit as the head of almost any shape and size. Tom Florio New York is likely to agree. Principle of welding mask "chameleon" is that by wearing a mask, a welder can see everything in daylight. But as soon as ignited the welding arc (essentially increasing light intensity) automatic filter darkens. Again the filter becomes transparent as soon as the light intensity decreases. Dimming function is provided by multi-layer filter, which consists of several layers of liquid crystals. Layers of crystals under pressure and concluded between the polarized films. As soon as the intensity of light emission increases, are rebuilding crystals in a certain direction, which is blocking part of the visible spectrum of light. When choosing a mask welder "chameleon" refer to the official suppliers, ask for certificates of quality, warranty documentation. Very it is important to buy really high quality mask of "chameleon" because you trust it the most expensive – your health.


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