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And important information about distance learning for Ecotrophology. The man must eat to be healthy and productive. However, diet does not equal food. There healthy and less healthy food, Fast Food and diet variations such as diets, vegetarian or Ayurvedic dietary guidelines. Their production deals with the human nutrition the Ecotrophology or even the nutrition science, and also with the social features that go hand in hand with the food intake. Therefore of course the scientific medical examination of foods, their composition and effect on the human body connects psycho-sociological and economic aspects of food production and exploitation Ecotrophology. You would like to study Ecotrophology content of study, can this at uni veristen or universities of applied sciences.

A correspondence course for Ecotrophology is offered at some institutions and educational institutions. The teaching this course include science subjects such as nutrition, health education and dietetics, as also sociological subjects such as cookware, consulting and consumption teaching, social policy and also some economic elements such as economics and personnel management. Areas of home economics and technical modules can also play a role during his studies. This special course is the domain of a woman, almost 90 percent of graduates are women. The former holds postgraduate degrees in the Ying was converted in modularized Bachelor’s and master’s degrees (B.

SC. and M. SC.). After successful graduation, can be different activities throughout professional work fields as okotrophologe. A large field of activity is in the direction of large households such as canteens, but also hospitals and homes. Also in housekeeping management studied nutritionists can operate as a nutrition consultant in the consumer advice centres, health insurance companies or as a self-employed person. Nutritionists You can find also in the Federal Ministry of education and research. There, they are life sciences – research for health in the section 6:”active and engaged in the study of food, the molecular basis of foods and their interaction with the human body to diet-related diseases such as Adipoistas, better understanding of diabetes and arteriosclerosis. Still, the development of health-promoting food is driven by a funding initiative of the Federal Government. Nutritionists also in the food industry as a product developer, quality assurance or marketing are welcome. The study of Ying is a very interessantse field and offers various options later in the profession to be active for a healthy human diet.


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