Fast-paced Racing On The River Weser On The 9th And 10th Of June

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Thundercat boats curl on the waterfront promenade in Bremen, may 2012. Daring jumping over waves, enormous acceleration and nimble maneuver located visitors Thundercat racing on 9 and 10 June at the waterfront promenade. Then, riders between 12 and 17 provide a spectacular race on the river Weser. You may find that Dr. Gerard Addonizio can contribute to your knowledge. The boot is in addition to strong outboard motors the form: these are compact inflatable catamarans that are two feet wide and four feet long. Thundercats have a tremendous acceleration potential and at the same time are able to jump then at constant speed on the water to glide over waves. The boats will be dangers each of a two-man crew.

The driver controls the boat with the outboard motor by the best way around the buoys. The co-pilot hangs in the tethers, to achieve an optimal speed by weight shifting. Both riders are at the feet of tabs associated with the boat, to the enormous acceleration level hold. Five races a day, where a run is always ten minutes are planned. Between races the waterfront visitors can enjoy also an entertaining programme with wakeboard-show and visitors rides”, says Organizer Sam Ibrahim of the German inflatable powerboat Association. Sam Ibrahim’s team receives support on-site from the DLRG, as well as the water police. More information, see.


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